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An article from a website offering their service to help foreigners find a place to rent in Japan. Yes, I'm totally convinced.

The article notes reasons why foreigners may find it harder to rent in Japan - salary consideration, do they have a guarantor etc. Those are factors applicable to anyone, foreigner or otherwise, and are also reasons why your rent application would be rejected in London or New York. I had to provide proof of my annual salary when I was living in New York.

If you're rejected because your salary wasn't high enough or didn't have a guarantor, you weren't rejected because you were a foreigner.

First, there are the landlords who are risk-averse but not fundamentally opposed to renting to non-Japanese.
Then, there are the landlords who cannot be persuaded to rent to someone from another country (or a particular country) at any cost."
I suppose they exist - every country has racists - but I, and no gaijin I've worked with etc, have ever met anyone in the latter camp.

When I die, I've made it clear that the 'he loved Japan' bullshit will not be part of my eulogy. I live here and work here, I like lots of things about it.
But I also love New York and London and Hong Kong. Lots of things about Japan drive me crazy, but 'they wont' rent to foreigners' seems wildly overblown as a problem.
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