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I am always very amused when visiting an ethnic restaurant in the Upper Midwest and other extremely white areas (e.g. Maine, Montana) and are served by caucasians. Like that Indian restaurant in a town somewhere between Portland and Acadia National Park in Maine where I was the only actual Asian in the building, or that time I bought Chinese takeout from a blue-eyed, blonde-haired teenager in Missoula. Their "oriental" decor consisted entirely of a few Hello Kitty stickers on the wall.

That said, the food itself was fine. It wasn't "authentic" by any stretch of the imagination (and good luck getting anything actually spicy out of them), but it was edible. I've been served worse Indian and Chinese food by actual Indian and Chinese people.
In the Southwest the long-running joke I've heard comedians make is that most Chinese restaurants are staffed entirely by Mexicans, who can make the food just as good.