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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
Because you don't write entire books first describind then shitting on people's inadequacies at length if you don't implicitly set out to correct them, or at least edumacate them. S'called subtext, that is.
I find it generally works out better if I read a book before I tell other what its subtext is. YMMV.
The Magic Market would only lead to a majority of (or even exclusively) positive outcomes for all involved if actors were led by what Adams qualifies as "wisdom and virtue" rather than "worship of wealth"
As your last quote notes however, the foibles of man are just as apt to fuck it all up.
As Smith correctly notes, the foibles of man are indeed just as apt to fuck it all up. And since those who wish to intervene are equally likely to be subject to motives other than wisdom and virtue, they are, as you say, equally likely to fuck up.
I'm not sure I could articulate what the "correct" population density would be where the comfort of each is high enough, the alienation of the individual is kept to a minimum, infrastructure requirements/solutions are neither problematic nor overtaxed and housing supply is plentiful enough that rents don't make your eyes explode.
Which is very much the problem. You want a system where everybody gets everything they want. Economics is predicated on the notion that resources are limited - everyone can't always get everything they want. People want high property values, low housing costs, conveniently located close to amenities, not too densely populated, no urban sprawl, and low taxes. People in hell want ice water, too. They don't necessarily get it.