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Originally Posted by Hi Medlo View Post
We were at a resort in Jamaica one year when they had a Super Bowl party, featuring hot dogs and hamburgers. The hot dogs were some sort of sausages, but not what Americans would call hot dogs, and the hamburgers were quite different, too.
that reminds me of the first time I was in Japan. our "chaperone" was an expat from Europe who was sick to death of Japanese food, and took showing us around as an opportunity to go to Western restaurants. I guess he was oblivious enough to (incorrectly) assume we'd want to stick to "American" food. One place we were dragged to was this "American style" diner in Iwaki. it was decorated in an ersatz '50s style, and their "steak" dinner tasted for all the world like a Swanson's salisbury steak TV dinner sans gravy.

the next day one of us finally got fed up and said "Ingmar, we didn't come to Japan to eat sandwiches. Get lost!"