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Originally Posted by DragonAsh View Post
70% of the time, I've found places on my own. Somehow I don't think having a girlfriend with me qualifies as 'being managed around the problem'; not all of the girlfriends were Japanese, you know.

Haven't lived in Yokohama or Nagasaki. Actually none of the places I've lived would be considered to have a history of 'lots of gaijin in the area'. I've lived in rural Mie Prefecture, several places in and around Osaka, and several places in and around central Tokyo. Lived in these places on and off since the mid 1980s, across all price points.

I've been asked about visa status, work/salary, ability to pay a deposit/key money (thankfully less common now). Some places required a guarantor, some places didn't. Early on my Japanese was pretty rubbish, but I could get by. My Japanese, better now.

Again - not saying it never happens. I'm saying that it's odd that I - and the non-Japanese people I've worked with etc - have literally never once had the 'sorry no gaijin can rent here' door shut in their face. You can go read Debito if you want to read about people complaining about stuff like that, if you don't mind shaving 30% off your IQ for a bit.
I just told you that I have, so there you go. It wasn't a giant big deal, the real estate agent just relayed that the one place was a no-go.

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