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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post (picture referenced has since been deleted by Elmi)

It means that the accusation has credence but that there is a wide scope for everything from guilt to complete innocence, which I have said several times recently, so I fail to see what's unclear beyond an attempt to avoid moving to the next step, where the next step would be to do some work.

Do the work and then feel free to ask me anything.
Thank you for providing the links. And I owe you an apology.
What youíve linked to, while not strong evidence that Omar married her brother, is certainly not nothing.

I could wish that the information didnít come from sources with titles that presuppose the truth of the accusation and clearly have a massive axe to grind,
but I guess sometimes the ax-grinders are the only ones willing to dig into a story.

Iíll wait to see how this plays out, remaining skeptical of the accusation, but open to the possibility that shenanigans have gone on.

Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
Heck, by that reasoning there's just as much "credence" for the accusation that I personally assassinated Jeffrey Epstein.
Dammit, Kimtsu! Stop giving me more work!