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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
Cool story, bro.
Physical models of the universe are all just hypotheticals that match the known facts. Would you say that we should stick with relativity, because it was given to us from up on high by Albert Fuckin' Einstein, or continue to postulate other possibilities in the aim of finding things that we can test to prove/disprove some subset of the rainbow of possibilities?

Should a police officer pick their perp and simply charge them, 'cause their gut told them it was "this guy", or that they should do the same thing as the scientists and try to envision every single storyline that would explain the known facts and then use that to determine what evidence they would expect to exist for different ways the crime might have unfolded, and as undertaken by different suspects, so that they can go look for that evidence and narrow the options down?

Is it morally wrong for Garrett Lisi to detail his Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything? Should we stop people like him? Should we tell him, "You're only allowed to postulate one hypothesis and no more!"?

Are you aware of anything that works better by making a priori assumptions and telling people to not review the whole spectrum of possibilities?

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