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Originally Posted by DrFidelius View Post
"Highly skeptical" does not equal "recognize bullshit."
True. Maybe I’m a credulous skeptic.

Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Clearly there’s no room for fence-sitters in this conversation.
Or in this case, even just peering over the fence.
From where I stand, these accusations look and smell like bullshit, but I am rather shortsighted, so let me just take a closer look...
“Get the fuck away from the fence!” you say. “GET RIGHT THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE FENCE!!!”

So, to be clear, I dooooooooooon’t think Ilham Omar has done anything wrong.
I doooooooon’t think she’s hiding anything.

The only thing that makes me go “Hmmm...? is that, according to a clearly biased news source, someone who allegedly shares her ex-husband’s name has both claimed to be the person photographed with her and has denied knowing her. That’s it.

What it means, I don’t know. I’m happy to wait and see.
(Although less happy with sanctimonious finger-wagging from one side and angry shouting from the other.)