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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
When I hear the William Tell Overture I don't have to tell you the first thing I associate with it.

Which brings up another point: a lot of classical music has been used in popular culture and is familiar to people from that.

The first time I heard the William Tell Overture, I knew the finale from the Lone Ranger and much else. But I didn't realize that Carl Stalling had often used the "Storm" and "Morning" sections in Looney Tunes. Stalling was often fond of using Von Suppe's "Poet and Peasant" overture, and there are many classical pieces that show up in Warner Brother cartoons.

Similarly, Stanley Kubrick often used classical music in his movies. He made "Thus Sprach Zarathustra" ubiquitous, and A Clockwork Orange used multiple classical pieces.
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