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Originally Posted by EinsteinsHund View Post
I appreciate that most classical and Jazz is deep and sophisticated, and I even listen sometimes (but too rarely) to classical symphonies and classic Jazz albums. But there's one thing I can't stand, though I also appreciate that it's good music in a way, and that's opera. I just cannot stand the opera style of singing, it just grates on me, similarly like Bon Scott's or Ozzy Osbourne's voice will grate on many opera fans. But I acknowledge that those singers can sing, but it's JUST NOT MY STYLE.
My first thought when I opened this thread is very similar. I actually like some classical music, but only the instrumental pieces and performances. Like you, I HATE opera singing. While I have some appreciation of the vocal talent, I can't stand to listen to it, and 10 seconds is more than enough. I can't imagine actually going to see an opera. Uggh.

I don't like most jazz, either. It just sounds like musicians noodling around, with little obvious melody or rhythm. Dixieland jazz, which I like, is the exception, and I don't even know if that is considered "real" jazz.