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Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
Here's one: Flat tires. Tire technology has become so good, they're much more rare than they used to be. I had one friend years ago whose tire was so worn down you could see the steel belting*, and yet it didn't go flat. I've only ever had one flat, and that was because, unbeknownst to me, a screw penetrated the tire, and then I parked with the tire in just the right position to have the screw open a small hole for the air to leak out.

As a kid in the 70s, I remember my dad changing tires far more often than I ever have. "Oh, no, a flat!" used to be a standard plot point in movies and TV. Not so much any more.

*Yes, his family were just that clueless about cars. I'll tell you the battery light story some other time.
Anyone know what exactly has changed with tires? Flats seemed more common even in the 90s. But I haven't seen actual data.

With cell phones, there's an expectation of people being contactable at nearly all times now. Hell if you got a flat or broke down back then, getting help was often difficult.