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Idea for 2020

Starting next year, would it make sense to not keep DEF at all, since they aren't humans who age out of the league and force you to draft a replacement?

I have no idea what round people might draft them, but it could be interesting. Especially since you'd only be drafting them for a single year in the same draft that you're picking rookies to hopefully keep for years.

Our scoring rules put DEF on par with TE, but there's not a ton of variance other than the Bears being miles ahead of #2, so maybe Chicago early then the rest in round 4 and later?

Logistically it would add at least 20 picks to the draft, which is massive. This year's draft is only 45 picks total, so maybe this idea is better in theory than in practice.

EDIT: I could see this as an argument to remove DEF from our teams altogether. Low variance, and they don't age out. At least kickers get cut or retire.

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