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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
I vote we skip Retro starting at noon. He's been on the clock 10.5 hours so far, and if he's still in Australia, he went on the clock at 2pm his time and right now it's half past midnight. By noon our time it will be 2am in Australia and a 10-hour overnight wait may just be starting.

It's also possible he's traveling today, I suppose, but flights from Australia to the US are very long.
This is a hard one and I again thank everyone again for their patience with me when my job loss news hit me right before a Ďholidayí weekend.

Iíve done a decent amount of international travel and it sucks for fantasy purposes. Youíre in a country where the sport isnít popular , dealing with time zone differences, plus you spent a decent chunk of change to get there, so you donít want to be on your phone 24/7. Yesterday was cutdown day, so that may also be a factor. I know all the NFL cuts but I was watching college football all day yesterday and just had to minor tweak my draft list.

Letís try to be as flexible as possible but I understand we only have until Thursday to get through the draft. The later rounds often run quicker, since thereís often D/Sat taken and a late round flier isnít as costly as a bad 1st round pick.
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