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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
This is quite noticeable here. There's a wooded area with a creek next to us. The kids used to play there a lot. They beat down trails and such. Now, the only trail is one the deer use. There was a time the kids used to cut thru the yards and then thru the woods to get to the other side of the neighborhood. But they don't even do that any more.

I can't even yell at the kids to get of my lawn anymore.
When I was ten years old there was whole group of kids (9 to 12 years old) just wandering all over our small town(both on foot and on our bikes). In summer we'd bike the two miles from the downtown to the town beach on our local lake.

Or sometimes we would all load ourselves into the bed of a pickup truck and one of our relatives would drive us there. (That would be 6 to 7 kids in the back and the police wouldn't bat an eye.)