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Paper maps have advantages over computer ones in some ways.

If one wants to be generally oriented over a significant area, as opposed to just finding the way to a specific address, that's much easier to do on paper maps. They can be spread out over a larger area, so one can see how locations relate to each other without having the smaller details disappear. Whenever I set a computer map to let me see a larger area, the street names and then entire smaller streets disappear from the map; I can see the detail or the broader picture, but not both at the same time, as I can on a paper map.

Atlases are somewhere half inbetween -- even large ones don't have the space available of any individual foldable paper map, but on the other hand they have it all organized and together for a much wider area, so it's not necessary to shuffle through a dozen or two dozen separate paper maps which keep changing relative positions all over the table (and, if you're like me, the floor.)

Probably the ideal is to have all versions available, computer maps and GPS voices and individual paper maps and an atlas. And a globe, while we're at it. They all show different things, and are more or less useful in different situations.