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Originally Posted by jnglmassiv View Post
Does anyone roller blade/inline skate anymore? I was reminded about this yesterday at a garage sale where they were selling a pair.
I used to run on a trail after work and there was a man who was older (60s probably, early 70s at the oldest) who would roller blade almost every day. He's the only person I've seen 'blading in ages.

Originally Posted by Clark Cello View Post
Just thought of this one yesterday. On Reddit, which skews young (though not nearly as much as it did 5 years ago) there was a picture of the bleachers in Wrigley Field. The top comment on the pic was someone asking: "Why isn't that one guy wearing a shirt???", as if it were a shocking thing to see.

Back when I was a kid in Chicago, if the weather was good you would see half the men in the bleachers shirtless. I was there a couple of times when I felt odd for keeping my shirt on.
And now we have the obligatory shirtless dude at almost every sporting event. Extra points if it's not appropriate for the weather at all (lookin at you Packer fan in January)
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