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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
Remember the police MAN and the fire MAN and the mail MAN? When women first started doing these jobs, it seemed totally amazing. I remember calling the police for my friend and, when a woman showing up, her 7 year old son asking "Are you the police?"

These days, it's not even a thought when a police officer, a fire fighter or a letter carrier turns out to be a woman.
Remember help-wanted ads categorized as "help wanted: male" and "help wanted: female"?

That was entirely standard continuing into the 1970's. I think it went away sometime in the 80's.

-- I've never followed sports that much; but I don't think the girls' teams, even to the extent that they existed, got anywhere near the same news coverage as the boys'.

And yes: boys and men didn't shave anything but their faces. Girls and women shaved their legs from the knees down, and armpits. Nobody shaved their crotches! That would have been considered really weird.