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Originally Posted by StusBlues View Post
What message do you think the song is trying to convey?
Clearly by its cheerful bouncy tone and the fact they are both laughing at the end, it intends to convey that the relationship is affirmed. Of course, a cynic (or a realist) will conclude it's destroyed, but that would require a level of self awareness on the part of both members of the couple that is not apparent in the song. They're both extremely shallow.

Originally Posted by Wheelz View Post
Guy decides to cheat on and/or dump his wife/girlfriend (it's not clear which), so he places an ad in the personals (which actually used to be an actual thing in actual paper newspapers). In a crazy twist of fate, his "own lovely lady" is the one who answers the ad, and they realize they were meant for each other all along.
Actually, she's the one who put an ad in the personals first. He reads it while she is sleeping beside him, and responds to it in kind.

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