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I was still a wee lad in the early seventies which seems to be the setting for this song, but by the early eighties I had a very different idea of relationships. During those years I recall a decided shift away from ‘traditional family values’ and it being quite the topic of derision for my mother’s coffee klatches and my father’s poker games. Besides the obvious observation that this new generation was taking our beloved America to hell in a hand basket, was the seemingly obvious fact that everything was disposable in this modern world and marriage (when these youngsters bothered with it at all) was a temporary thing at best and not the sort of institution my parent’s generation build their stability upon.

Women were working outside the home (in a non Rosie the Riveter sense) for the first time in history if my parents and their friends knew what they were talking about. Rita Rudner had a joke about relationships just after this time that really scored: “Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?” Relationships and much of society were just less nuclear family traditional than they were in our little suburban traditional neighborhood. My point is that things changed back to a more monogamous ethic due to some brand new PERMANENT and/or DEADLY venereal diseases.

For example Bill Murray’s character from STRIPES loses his girlfriend in the first reel and it hardly has any impact. Things were just more temporary and transient in those days from my perspective and I think the value of the song is that it captured that time perfectly. One could reading the personals while one’s significant other slept next to them—and later a relationship can be rekindled by some very shallow information.