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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
Ah, you whippersnappers w/ your apps and devices. Conjured up memories of trying to drop the needle correctly to figure out the various instrumentation - not to mention lyrics... Still not sure what the hell Peter Gabriel was singing about on Modern Love!
I'm trying to balance out my usage of the tools that are available with real old-school: I have been making a concerted effort to hand-write my transcriptions of full songs in standard musical notation on bound music staff paper.

It's an enjoyable exercise because there are all kinds of nuances to musical notation that one never imagines until actually having to write it, such as rules for stem direction and grouping and so on. I go to my wife (a classically trained pianist who studied this stuff at conservatory) and she explains it.

Aside from the notation aspect, it forces me to accurately break down the various bass rhythms encountered and helps my sight reading.

I don't see ever being able to do this work in ink though.