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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I never see neighborhood kids outside playing random games, random contests like 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 football games stretching across two neighbor's lawns, regardless of whether we'd asked permission to use their property or not. No kids biking around the neighborhood. It's all organized now: kids join squads or clubs.
In my experience, or at least in my community, this is strongly class-based. In the middle- and upper-middle-class areas in and around my city, this is absolutely the case--and this has changed even in the lifetimes of my own kids, who are now in their early thirties. If kids are out doing things like that, and that's seldom, there's usually a parent hovering nearby. It's even rare to see a couple of kids walking along the sidewalk without a parent present, at least up through age 11 or so.

But in the poorer sections of town, it's quite common to see kids riding their bikes around, shooting hoops in someone's driveway, jumping rope on the sidewalk, playing various ball games in the street, making their way down the sidewalk. Usually without any indication of adult supervision. It's an interesting dichotomy.