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I'm late to this party, but I'll try to clear up some confusions.

Although there are several exceptions, Many Taxes are Regressive. Yet the taxes are still necessary (e.g. to raise money for public spending) or appropriate (e.g. gasoline tax to improve the future). Taxes should be logical and effective can anyone explain why a sales tax might be better than VAT? (No? Didn't think so.) Denmark, Germany, France etc. all have VATs far higher than U.S. sales tax yet are far more progressive than the U.S.

One must look at the total policy picture to decide if a policy is regressive or progressive. My carbon tax is offset by thousands of dollars in SocSec rebates to each worker. Yang offers each adult $12,000! To complain that some of the $12,000 will be offset by regressive taxes is to recite the blindingly obvious and to miss the whole point.

Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
... Read that slowly. A VAT makes it impossible for Amazon not to pay its fair share.
A poorly worded sentence? Gasp! What is the world coming to. Let's throw the baby out with the bath-water.

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You don't see that the VAT is recouped by the manufacturer and retailer when the product gets to the consumer. Don't know why but that is your essential misunderstanding, if you want to work through it on your own.
If Amazon loses some of its tax advantages, it will be playing on a more level playing-field