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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
Economist article on the peace talks with the Taliban.

I think they are implying that this should not be filed in one of the vaults of Trump's mistakes.
a) It made sense to organize peace talks, because in fact the Taliban have captured a lot of Afghanistan at this point, and any peace must now involve negotiations with them.
b) Then it made sense to cancel those talks, because the deal being proposed had virtually no concessions from the Taliban, and they were using the dreadful tactic of ramping up attacks to try to strengthen their negotiating hand further.

It's not the end though, so Trump still has a chance to do something stupid.
That assumes that the meeting plan actually existed in the first place and isn't being invented (and confirmed by sycophantic/armtwisted minions) after the fact.
The Camp David (instead of Trump property) venue points toward the latter -- since when does the Crook-in-Chief pass up an opportunity for graft?
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