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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
But Omar is not only a public figure but a public servant, and when her mainstream hometown newspaper asks these questions, she should answer them. If she doesn’t, she creates the impression that she is hiding things and stonewalling. That’s just the way it is.
SlackerInc, you have been telling us all along how much you dislike Omar and how you are hoping for, and to the best of your ability working toward, her political failure. And you expect anybody to believe you when you pretend to be offering honest advice about what Omar should do to boost her credibility?

Nah. I have no personal knowledge about the details of Omar's marital history, and I am willing to believe that she committed some kind of fraud or impropriety if and when, and only if and when, solid evidence to that effect is credibly produced.

But believing that her credibility is in any way impaired just because you say so? It couldn't be clearer that all you're up to is disingenuous stirring of the shitkettle to attempt to discredit her in any way you can.

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