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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
You can spot a lot of bad social science on race by looking at what they try to control for in their model. If they are controlling for a factor that is itself the causal mechanism being identified by anti-racists or is highly covariate with race, then you know they aren't doing careful social science.

That's certainly true of the Wright study Shodan cites. If race plays a role in student discipline, then in any given student cohort, those who have experienced discipline will be disproportionately students of color. If you then control for prior disciplinary problems when examining disciplinary decisions in later grades--as that study does--then, voila!, you'll find little or no racial bias in the subsequent disciplinary decisions.

There's a pretty large literature on this stuff at this point, so if you are really trying to follow where the social science goes there are much better research designs out there.
Again, if racist teachers were the giant 800 lb gorilla in the room, do you not think it would be addressed? By the schools who fear civil cases? By the teachers union who fear bad press? By the actual schools who would not like to be seen as harboring racist teachers?
I am not saying it doesn't happen. I am sure that it does, racism is not eradicated from todays world but what it is, is no longer acceptable and would be dealt with quickly.