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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Ok, we get it. Racism is wrong.
I wasn't reminding anyone that racism is wrong. I was pointing out that what is often attributed by conservatives to "culture" is just the refraction of racism. That is a point I am not so sure you do get.

I would also add that the whole idea that black parents in the aggregate care less about education than whites has very little empirical support. It appears to just be a racist trope.

Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
But how does even the most devoted anti-racist teacher deal with kids that want to walk in and out of their room, just want to look at their phones, disrupt constantly, and refuse to do any work?
What you certainly don't do is just write that kid off as coming from a bad culture, or decide that we can just kick those kids out of school because it is someone else's error of personal responsibility.

What you do is try to figure out why that behavior is happening and solve it. Sometimes, often even, you can't. You can only work at the margins. But I can tell you some things that really help. One is smaller classes. Another is ample, full-time social workers and counselors. Another is the funding and training for restorative justice practices. All of those have something in common: $$$. I can't speak for every state, but in most states, per-pupil spending is lower at schools that have more disciplinary problems. It should be the opposite.