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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
I'm saying that skepticism about the value of education is probably more prevalent among people whose kids still have to attend racially segregated schools in 2019. I'm not convinced there is a big disparity at the aggregate level. But at the individual level when I have encountered this attitude about education, it has been an attitude of resignation. Often, quite justified resignation about the prospects for poor black boys in certain zip codes in America regardless of what kind of grades they get in math. Chances are that if your kid attends a school with no white students then your life has all kinds of other shit going on--much of it related to the same racist forces that make it so that such schools still exist in America in 2019.

You can call that a cultural issue if you like. But the solutions involve fighting racism.
IN absolute terms, what racist forces keep (segregated) inner city kids in the inner city?