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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I agrew with the OP. In the end, Trump is only concerned for himself. He knows he can cry and spittle like a baby and his supporters will overlook it. Anyone in a position to tell him "no" gets thrown under not just a bus, but a whole fleet.

After his reign is over, he'll still enjoy the benefits of his notoriety. All his shady legal situations will have been defanged by his and Mitch's policies, and he can rely on the snail-paced speed of government to not be able change them back until he's long past dead and buried. He'll make zillions from endorsements, speaking rallies, more autobiographies, and foreign investors who previously had to contend with legal barriers.

Trump is winning for himself, not the US. We're just a means to an end. That's all that matters to him. It doesn't matter how incompetent he is as president, and he knows it. If he can't find enough toadies to help him get away with murder, he'll "I didn't know them that well" them out of his way and find somebody else.
Or, alternatively, jail.

I'm pretty sure that about 99% of the reason he keeps talking about third, fourth and fifth terms in this job he doesn't like is because one of the few things he fully understands is that the sharks are circling him and the presidency is his shark cage. Once he's out of it, he's dead meat.

Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
Yeah, the OP definitely has a point. As best I can tell, Trump is ALL about self promotion and ego gratification, combined with material greed. With respect to the first 2, it is hard to imagine how one could be more successful than to become president of the US, driving daily news reporting and water cooler discussions with tweets from his shitter. The extent to which he has financially succeeded will have to be judged later. I HOPE there are prosecutions when he is out of office which seriously harm his and his family's portfolio, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd imagine he will live out his years being feted by the same mouthbreathers who attend his rallies. All the while enjoying the security, benefits, and advantages of an ex-president.
For getting everything he wants, he's reported as being furious, like, all the time. He's all about ego gratification and the presidency doesn't give him that - he's constantly aware that most of the population and all the world leaders think he's a piece of shitty toilet paper stuck to America's shoe. He's constantly lashing out at the people who don't suck up to him.

His happiest times appear to be when he's campaigning, before mostly-empty high-school gymnasiums with tiny crowds that genuinely adore him. But when he has to be president it's nothing but grief.

Originally Posted by cmosdes View Post
Bolding mine. He is winning. How else do you define victory? Handed to him or not, rewarded out of luck or because of others, he is the one sitting in the presidency and is untouchable. You might say he didn't earn it, but that doesn't change the result.
He's an unhappy, scared little man. I'm winning way more than that, sheerly on the basis that I'm satisfied with most parts of my life.