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Originally Posted by ripopgome View Post
Thanks for these updates, Heffalump. I actually only returned to SD boards very recently, in part to see what was being said about Yang here. There is a lot of support (as you might expect) in silicon valley where I am, but wanted to see what things look like "outside the bubble" a bit, and I keep finding reasons to donate to his campaign a little more here, a little more there, much as I was with Bernie in 2016. I'm excited to go to a debate watch-party tomorrow as well, and although I still think it's unlikely he'll be the nom (and I'm sad about that, but am keeping my fingers crossed), his policies make a lot of sense to me and I just hope he figures out how to counter the media inattention and mischaracterizations. Thanks again!
Thanks for the encouragement! Keep the faith!

Even from this small corner, there has been more interest in Yang from what I can tell. When I first started posting updates to this thread, there was an average of 200-400 views. Over the months, that has increased over time to about 1,500 views if I don't post for a while. For reference, there are about 3,245 active members on the board.

Good to hear that there's a sizeable silicon valley following. I had heard otherwise but it makes sense, especially after the Elon Musk endorsement.

One thing I've been interested in watching is where Yang supporters come from based on people's testimonials in the Yang subreddit. At first, there were a lot of Trump supporters crossing over. Then of course, there are a lot of Bernie fans such as yourself. But I've also seen a couple Kamala fans, a couple Pete fans, and couple Beto fans and a handful of Warren fans when that paper she wrote about automation not being a serious problem got circulated.

Originally Posted by Elizabeth Warren
Others blame “automation” for American job losses, especially in manufacturing. It’s a good story — robots and other new technologies made American manufacturing workers more productive, so companies needed to hire far fewer actual human beings. A good story, except it’s not really true.
Let's hope Yang can convert more people after the debate tomorrow. Have fun at the watch party.