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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
So, I have a question........for those who support Biden, how happy would you be with him as president? I don't mean happy in the sense of "Anyone would be better than Trump," but happy from a (D) standpoint. Do you truly feel he's your guy who represents your views (as opposed to Warren, Bernie, etc.) or is it just anyone-but-Trump?

If Warren, Bernie and Biden all stood exactly the same chance of defeating Trump, would you still be going with Biden?
Yes. He's more moderate. Bernie is now off the rails. Warren is a gun grabber, so are Harris, Beto and Booker. I like Mayor Pete, but a openly gay may wont play in Peoria in 2020. I hope America changes enuf so Pete can go for the ring in 2028.

Oddly Beto was my second choice until......