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Originally Posted by John_Stamos'_Left_Ear View Post
Not reading the thread. Just want to say that The Cult of Yang on social media has been nothing short of off-putting and screaming that the media is giving more time to someone polling at 1% when you're only getting 3% is not some conspiracy against your outsider candidate. It's because you are an outsider candidate - the media wants to talk to Senators (Klobuchar, Booker) and elected reps (Gabbard) regardless of their poll numbers. When literally 97% of people are picking someone other than you, it doesn't take anti-media conspiracy theories to explain the dearth of coverage.
Thank You!!!! I am really trying to follow Peteís rules of the road, but the nastiness of the Yang Gang has really made me angry. When Yang releases his fundraising numbers, Iím not going on Twitter just to troll him. Iím not sure Ron Paul had this devoted of a cult and such fervent conspiracy theories.
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