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Decline of church attendance is another factor. When I was a girl, we weren't super involved in our church community, but it seemed like the lives of half the people I knew revolved around their church--not just services on Sunday, but Sunday school, and Wednesday nights, and Young Life, and on and on and on. Whatever your schedule, your church provided a set of people you would get to know, and I would imagine closer friendships grew out of them.

There's also the general decline in Big Hobbies--things like golf or boating or bowling. People used to make friends to do these activities with.

Finally, it's also a lot easier to hold on to old friends than it used to be. Free long distance, Facebook, texting, on-line gaming--there's no reason for your friends from high school or college to drift away. This can be pretty cool in a lot of ways, but it means there's less time or need to form new friendships.