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Why don't you trust the "use by" date?

The question you have is, "Is this safe to eat?". There are a number of ways to answer this:

1) The experimental method: eat it and find out.
2) The cautious experimental method: sniff it, taste a little and if it seems ok, eat it and find out.
3) Hire qualified biologists to conduct an in-depth of study of the conditions under which disease-bearing bacteria grow in this medium, the rate at which they will grow in the conditions in your OP, the threshold at which they can be considered to have reached harmful levels and finally predict whether such levels have been reached by now in the pot in your fridge.
4) Accept the word of the qualified people who have already done this and printed it on the label for you.
5) Ask some people on the internet.

Why do you think 5) is a better option than 4)?