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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Do we know that Mary Gregory broke that record because she's a transwoman? No. Instead, you just point to a transwoman doing something significant, and act like that, in and of itself, is proof that transwomen have an advantage. But the evidence just isn't there yet.
Sure it is. Do transwomen become shorter? Do their hearts shrink? Hands? Does their pelvis change? The male pelvis is more narrow making their legs to be more vertical aiding in speed. The male pelvis is better suited for childbirth. Does muscle memory forget? That's a real thing:

Has the IOC changed the levels of testosterone they allowed in 2015? A professor in physiology says the limit allowed in 2015 isn't fair:

In 2015, the IOC changed their regulations to include trans women in the women's category of events if they remained under the testosterone levels of 10 nanomoles per litre (NMOL/L) a year prior to competing, as well as during competition.

However, a CIS female (a born female) can reach nowhere near the testosterone level of 10 NMOL/L. The average female sits at 2.8 NMOL/L and the average male 23-25 NMOL/L. This means the likes of Hubbard competes at three times the amount of testosterone to other weightlifting females.

"It hasn't been studied, but logical science will tell you someone who has three times more testosterone has the advantage physically. We need to do more research before arguing either way.

Do hemoglobin levels become equal? If not, that would be a huge advantage. Whatever does change to equal, a complete reformatting of the body doesn't happen.
God, I'm fucking gross!

If I were in a charitable mood, I would say that Gregory should have waited the IOC's recommended 2 years on HRT to compete as a woman. But I'm not.
Gregory competed with the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation. The IOC has nothing to do with it.

So can you prove that the reason Gregory did so well was because she's a transwoman? If not, stop assuming that she's a lesser athlete without any goddamn evidence. That's some transphobic bullshit, right there.
There's nothing transphobic about it. And it's not about her being a lesser athlete; it's about her being a greater one.