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Last week, a brand spankin' new Expo Design Center opened. When I was coming back from a meeting downtown, I decided to play hooky from work for about an hour to check the place out.

Egads! I had flashbacks to 1999-era Denver, when the dot-com dollars were flowing like the Tuscan wine the yupsters drank in mass quantities, and even the proles had shiny Sub-Zeros in the kitchen.

I'm wondering, though ... yeah, refirgerators with brushed steel doors look cool, as do industrial-looking ovens. Still, seeing a Viking refrigerator that ran for about $8,000, I wondered "what's the big deal?" Sure, it looks nice, but does it do a berrer job at keeping food cold than a $1,000 Kenmore? What about those $11,000 stoves -- are they really worth it?

Are over-the-top high end appliances the kitchen equivalent of esoteric audiophile electronics, or are they just normal fridges, dishwashers and ovens that have been redesigned and prettied up a bit?