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I'll second Green Bean's opinion. My stove didn't cost $11K - more like $3.5K - but I love it. It's 100 times better than an off-the-shelf GE or Kenmore.

It's a Dacor as well, gas range on top, electric convection oven on bottom. The oven is incredibly accurate, and the convection feature makes cooking most things much faster. My Thanksgiving turkeys are always done in about 2 hours, as opposed to 4-5 hours in a standard oven. My burners are hotter than standard burners, allowing me to cook up big ol' pots of food at full boil or only slightly simmering depending on my needs.

The damn thing is also about 100 times easier to clean than most low end ranges I've had the pleasure of cleaning.

I actually got in an argument with my real estate agent over the range. He told me that I needed to leave it when I sold the house. I told him no way. He wheedled and whined, and finally said "Look at it this way - how much would it cost to replace the range in your next house?" I told him how much it cost. He shut up.