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Originally Posted by Balthisar View Post
I'm not ashamed to admit that I like Taco Bell. It's good grub. When I go to a Mexican restaurant, though, it's not because I'm trying to satisfy the word "authentic"; I'm trying to get the food that I know and love that I've had in Mexico. If I go into an "authentic" Mexican restaurant and they're pushing chimichangas and fajitas, well, then, I feel defrauded of my time. It's not that I'm trying to check of the "authentic" box, but I really just want some good antojitos mexicanos, and not Taco Bell.

Taco Bell isn't just a bad version of Mexican food; it's something different (I'm using Taco Bell as an example; as I said, I enjoy it). When I lived in China, I went to my fair share of western restaurants. You know what? Most of them were authentic. They were bad and didn't really know what they were doing, but they were authentic.
Taco Bell is a good example. I live in a neighborhood that is 85% Hispanic. A Taco Bell just opened up. A bunch of comments on Facebook mentioned, why in the hell would a Taco Bell open up there where there are a million taco places in the neighborhood. Well, because it's its own category of food. It's not competition for authentic Mexican, and comments from the Hispanic community that also liked Taco Bell for what it is confirmed that. I happen not to like Taco Bell, even judging it understanding it's not supposed to be "authentic" Tex-Mex or Mexican or what not, but I get it. A lot of people think White Castle is total trash. I love it. And I love a McD's quarter pounder with cheese, knowing its not a may not be a good example of a fast food hamburger.