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The one and only thing I remember about the short lived show Darkroom is it had an episode about toy Army Men coming to life that stuck with me for years and was definitely not an episode of Tales from The Darkside like I thought it was.

Speaking of Tales From The Darkside, I think most people into sci fi and horror around my age remember both "Trick or Treat" and "Inside the Closet"

To this day I still remember the pilot episode of the 80s remake of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. A woman is raped and after her husband takes her home from the hospital she sees her attacker walk past their car. The husband chases him down and kills him, only to find his wife was actually so traumatized by what happened she thinks everyone is her attacker.

I watched every episode of Tales From the Crypt but all my memories of it are of the credits and the Crypt Keeper.

It wasn't as famous but I also liked the syndicated show Monsters. A few episodes I can remember are one where a guy gets pool hustled by a beautiful vampire and one with a finger coming out of the sink (based on a Stephen King Story).

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