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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Over on Reddit there is detailing a story of a guy who posted on Reddit that he wanted to kill himself. Apparently some Redditors egged him on (not all did) and the man jumped from a hotel window killing himself some short time later.

The family of the man has decided to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the Redditors and some others.

The debate here is not whether the posters who egged him on were despicable (they were) but whether Reddit should provide the names and whether those people should be held accountable in a civil court for their actions?
I don't know if you remember the Jenny Jones talk show tragic case, but a Wrongful Death suit was filed, here is the opinion, the MI SC declined review. I won't brief the details, you can read it.

Short answer, it depends on the state and the exact conduct of the aggressor's I would imagine.

It discusses Causation, as Bricker points out, and the doctrine of Forseeability, etc.