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I think the closest you're likely to come is probably r/theMotte. You're only going to get the very smartest and least trolly republicans.

That said, I stopped hanging out there a while back because, quite frankly, even the very smartest and least trolly republicans are absolutely insufferable to be around, and even those with the best intentions and the best mental hygiene are still carrying years of bad intellectual baggage along with them. And of course, it being on reddit, the biases of the community become very obvious very quickly - and let's just say that if you get into a conversation about whether gamergate was a hate campaign or a group of people worried about ethics in games journalism, the person taking the latter position is going to be sitting at +50 and the person who's actually right will not be.

Also most right-wingers there are not Trump supporters, and those who are are usually supporters in the "I think he sucks but we do need an authoritarian" NRx bend, which gets really weird really fast.

This is kind of one of the fundamental problems with trying to engage with modern republicans. I spent a long time looking for good reasons to vote for Trump. There really aren't any. Most Trump supporters will be grossly misinformed about damn near anything, conspiracy theorists, hardline partisans, or favor policies and outcomes that most sane people would consider horrendous (y'know, those lovely folks who are big fans of Trump throwing kids in concentration camps). Really, it's a bit like asking where the reasonable, intelligent debate occurs between biologists and young earth creationists - it's out there, but even the best case is pretty painful.