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What is the quintessential science fiction novel?

[url=]This post got me thinking about sf, and if there is a book that most fans can agree epitomizes the genre. We need to decide on a book that can be our flagship to the literary universe, one that we can proudly point to when people say, "science fiction? Isn't that, like, robots 'nd stuff?" While it doesn't necessarily have to be hard sf, I think we need to stay away from cyberpunk, alternate histories, utopian/dystopian literature, and speculative fiction. Since each of these is a sub-genre, I don't think they can represent the breadth of the whole sf genre.

I nominate Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, because of the fame of the author, the epic scope of the novels, and the accessibility of the novels.

My second choice would be one of Orson Scott Card's Ender series, because Card does a great job of keeping his characters human, and his books lack the "cold" feel of some more classic sf.