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Originally Posted by SusanStoHelit
We need to decide on a book that can be our flagship to the literary universe, one that we can proudly point to when people say, "science fiction? Isn't that, like, robots 'nd stuff?"
It's this sentence that makes me recommend, hands down, Dune.

If you think about it, Dune isn't really a sci fi novel at all. It's a medieval drama that just happens to be set thousands of years from now. My sister can't (or rather couldn't) stand sci fi, yet I bought her the book for her birthday and convinced her to read it.

She loved it.

The interplay between Houses Atreidedes, Harkonen, and Corrino, the Bene Gessuret, the Spacing Guild...... Even if you take the sci fi elements out of it, it's still one Hell of an epic*. If you want to introduce somebody to Sci Fi, tell them to read Dune, and let them develop a small immunity to space travel and future technology. After that, you can start telling them about alternate views of the world, such as Ursala K. Le Guin. Or, possibly, far history like the Foundation series.

Just remember, if they were technophiles the would already be into sci fi. Start with Dune, see what they like about it, and go from there.

*But don't let them read the sequels to Dune. That my kill any ember of interest they had. And if you see a copy of God Emperor of Dune in their place, steal it and tell them dingoes ate it.
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