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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Tai also asked one of her employees to come with her while she got a clitoral piercing. Imagine how that would play out if a male supervisor did it.

(I'm not being an MRA here. I'm saying it's wrong either way. But Jacques, along with many other people, can see the same situation as being either outrageous harassment or quirky humor depending on who's doing it.)
Except Jacques has never done anything similar. There is no instance in the comic where a boss does something similar and it is decried as sexual harassment.

Plus, while I see your point, that isn't how it is presented in the comic. Tai and Marten are also friends, and it is as friends that Tai invites Marten to go with her. And neither she nor he treat it like a sexual thing.

And, well, you're bringing up a comic from nearly 11 years ago. The comic has changed a lot since then, as has the author. This predates his change to becoming more progressive and more aware of social justice issues. He likely wasn't aware of the power dynamics issues at the time, especially given he was writing them as friends more than boss/underling.