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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
And how the fuck is he supposed to bone her from a separate tub???
It's prehensile. (Ever seen Babylon 5? Ask Ambassador Mallari about that.)

Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
To be honest, I may have let my 80 pound dog lick my kid's face clean before. Oh well. Then again, he gets into practical make out sessions with me or my wife.
You make out with your kid?

Originally Posted by El_Kabong View Post
There's the one where a momma is driving down a suburban street in a Nissan Rogue, racing her young daughter, who is dressed entirely in black (as one does) and riding a Big Wheel. Momma pulls in the driveway, avoiding some containers of black paint that are inexplicably sitting in the middle of the pavement. Daughter comes screeching in and slides to a halt, knocking over the containers and sending black paint everywhere*.

What does Mom do? String her daughter up by the ankles in the garage? No, she gives her a high five.

*actually, they use CGI to make the paint look like it's forming some sort of curlicue design, which makes even less sense.
Okay, so the point is that the girl is imitating the cool stylings of the "midnight edition"* Nissan by painting her Big Wheel all black, instead of the expected girly pink. Thus, she rides by the neighborhood pink girls with her "whatsup?" nod while they look on in shock. Then she's cruising next to her mom, who for some reason is driving next to her. They don't explain why - maybe mom's on her way back from work/getting groceries/saving the world and they happen to meet up and mom rides next to her cool daughter so they can look smug together.

Anyway, the car is so cool, the paint doesn't make a mess, it makes art.

Originally Posted by simster View Post
I thought the girl painted her big wheel black to match the Rogue - and the sliding in rubbed the paint off the tires.
That, too. Because driveways are rough like sandpaper and the underlying plastic is still pink.

Still an annoyingly stupid commercail - and apparently they are telling me that big wheels powered by gradeschoolers can outrun (or atleast keep pace with) the Nissan.
No, they're saying that mom is proud of her pre-goth daughter and they're riding together to show off their two cool-mobiles together. Cars can be driven slowly on purpose.

Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
There's one where the mom finds her son mopping the floor with water from the toilet, and feels the need to bleach the whole floor. Jebus, lady, get a grip.
So you don't have a problem with poo-water everywhere?

Originally Posted by Roderick Femm View Post
1. I've never seen anyone use both hands to apply shaving lather to their face. It's just stupid.

2. They can't rinse off their hands before ordering the blades?

3. And now what? Are they going to stand there waiting for the new blades to arrive, one or two or five days later?

This is just the most stupid stupid stupid commercial I can remember ever seeing.
I have to agree, and I haven't even seen the ad.

* The "Midnight Edition" comes in 5 colors, not just black. They talk about the blacked out features like window shades, mirrors, and wheels. Whoopeedoo. I still can't agree to a white car called "Midnight Edition".