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Originally Posted by gigi View Post
Fascinating. I would have assumed men use both hands to lather up - it's more efficient that way and don't you have rinse off the lathery hand before shaving anyway? I would certainly use two hands to apply shaving cream to my legs.

Next you'll tell me you don't smack the aftershave on with two hands like in Home Alone.
To the first point, no. I hold the can in one hand and use the other hand to spread it around. Bear in mind that the face has a lot less surface area than one's legs, so it only takes a couple of squirts of gel (in my case) to cover everything. I do rinse off my hand before shaving, but since I only have one hand with cream on it, I can turn on the water without messing up the faucet handle.

And no, I don't slap on after-shave with both hands, because I don't use it. If I did use it, I probably would.