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My two novels are back in print

My novel, Staroamer's Fate is now back in print from Fantastic Books, a small press reprint publisher.* In addition, the sequel, Syron's Fate, is also available.

When it came out, the book was named to the Locus Recommended Reading list and Reader's Poll. Reviewers at the time said:

Worth passing onů.Rothman brings to his novel a certain freshness and vigor which makes Staroamer's Fate anything but hackneyed. Very little is dull here. -- Dan Chow, Locus

Nothing profound, but fun. I liked it. -- John Betancourt, Amazing Stories

One of the unique heroines to come along . . . This is the sort of action/adventure story that can be enjoyed on several levels, and by people who are not necessarily hard-core SF fans. Definitely a good read. -- Roberta Rogow, Voya.
The novels follow the adventures of Quarnian Dow, a space adventuress who is guided by her irresistible intuition, forcing her to take actions without knowing why. It's part space opera, part troubled superhero.

Here's an excerpt from Staroamer's Fate

Originally Posted by Staroamer's Fate
Quarnian noticed the sound of a pair of footsteps behind her. They were speeding up, tap-tapping on the stone pavement, and they were obviously going to overtake her. Someone had chosen her to be a victim.

"Excuse me, lady." The voice was like a ratchet. "We thought you were looking for another place to drink."

And they knew of one; Quarnian was sure of that. Her drink would be delicious -- and laced with a sedative. Then, who knew --robbery, rape. She had heard Borna was interested in human women for slaves. She'd soon disappear like the legendary Staroamer.

It sounded like fun, but not tonight. "I'll be glad to go with you, Mr. . . ."

"Smith," the ratchet-voiced man said. "Let me help you."

The two of them led her through the streets. The roadway slowly darkened; if Quarnian had had any sense, she would have turned back. But she didn't care. The drinks had emboldened her and, besides, she was used to trusting her luck.

"Here we are," Smith said.

The doorway was discolored by grime and there was a darkened spot where years of oily hands had pressed. As she looked, the door jerked open. Quarnian saw a few dingy tables visible in the murky room and a man leading a woman up a flight of stairs in the back.

Quarnian felt indignant. If they were going to sell her into prostitution, they should at least have the decency to take her to a classier place than this.
And one from Syron's Fate (which Amazon has misspelled):

Originally Posted by Syron's Fate
"I killed someone on Zeno," Quarnian said as she stared at the wall in front of her. She looked at her friend. "Aren't you going to ask me why?"

Sindona shifted uncomfortably.

"I don't know why," Quarnian said tonelessly. "I just had to. I didn't feel any emotion the whole time. All I knew was that I had to kill her."

"Well, you are a syron," Sindona said, her voice tentative, "I understand how it looks, but there must have been some reason to do it. There always is."

"Don't you think I've been saying that to myself? All I know is what happened. I killed someone."

It was several minutes before Sindona could speak. "Maybe it's not as bad as it looks," she said.

"Then what the hell could it be? And even if there was some reason for that poor woman to be dead, why was I chosen to be her executioner? And why couldn't I have decided for myself?" She shook her head before Sindona could answer. "I know what you're going to say. I'm a syron. For me, free will is a myth. I have to do what I have to do, whether I want to or not." She looked at Sindona. "I'm sick of it. And I don't even have the luxury of quitting. It just won't let me."
If you're in the mood for an old-fashioned, fast-paced science fiction novel, I think you'll enjoy the two books.

*Other authors published by Fantastic include Mike Resnick, Alan Steele, Michael Moorcock, James Gunn, and Tanith Lee. Even if you aren't interested in my books, there are other that may interest you (Keith Taylor's Servant of the Jackal God is especially good).
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