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I love Bridge threads, though I haven't played recently and I've probably played under 1,000 hands in my life. I did once bid and make 7C, when my partner opened 1C and I had a number of clubs with about 20 points. Being inexperienced I launched straight into Blackwood, and it worked. The funny thing was she had to play the hand, having opened with my suit! We might have been able to make 7NT but I didn't even think about that at the time.

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My biggest triumph was when partner and I were both long in a different suit, playing against people who were also long in the other suits. They both tried to steer the bidding to their respective suit for a long time (they must both have had 6 apiece of them) before settling on 5NT. We of course redoubled and took the majority of the tricks.
Not to rain on your parade, but 5NT is a horrible place to end up and is a bit of an error on your opponents' part. One of the few bridge tips I can remember is that if you have a misfit, it's usually best to stop bidding ASAP (in the absence of other cues) to limit the damage. In particular, there's no point in continually rebidding your longest suit, as it doesn't give your partner any more information.