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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
You have four tricks on top and 19 HCP between the two hands. Assuming the lead is a standard 4th highest, you must win the opening lead. That's 5 tricks. You appear to have three spade losers, and the opener holds SA. From the lead, I'll tentatively put SQJx HAJxx with RHO and SAxxx HKxx with LHO. RHO is the danger hand. So, cross to dummy with DQ and play a small club to your Jack. If LHO wins and starts on spades, your S10 becomes good. If RHO plays CK or CQ over your club lead, cover it and play the CJ to make two club tricks in dummy for tricks 6 and 7.
Good thoughts.

When my partner and I played in Washington, we were having a run of good luck. With the exception of poor play in the Gold Rush Knockouts on Friday, we were at least scratching in every event. Twice we came in second place in side pair games and we got good gold points on Saturday.

On Friday night we played in the Midnight Cappelletti Knockouts, which were hosted by a son of the bridge great player Cappelletti in remembrance of his brother who had recently died. Nearly everyone had a beer or carried a bottle of something. It was a Swiss game and we were paired with a nice couple of older ladies who were a bit stunned by all the alcohol.

As luck would have it, we were up against the Cappelletti family team foursome in the first Knockout round. They were nice folks, obviously a bit tipsy, and absurdly good bridge players. We were destroyed. My only high point was to bid a 3 no trump game on a long club suit and a prayer. It made, and was not bid at the other table. Despite that, we were sent packing. I went to bed but my partner hung around and ended up doing caddy duty from the hotel bar for the remaining players who were buying rounds for everyone.

Anyway, the deal I posted above was from a side Pairs game played Sunday morning, our last session before we had to leave and go back home. At the very first table I made a misplay that cost us our game bid. Partner was chagrined, which probably led to his extreme misplay at the next table. Opps made their unmakeable game...doubled. Now we knew we had two bottoms. At the third table we did poorly as well. This was obviously going to be a bad way to end our four days of bridge. So, tired and irked, we agreed after the third round to throw caution to the wind, bid crazy, and just have fun at the remaining tables.

This strategy seemed to help, and we had some moderately good boards before the hand I posted above.