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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Going from memory, partner had Sx HATxxx DAJT98 Cxx and I (sitting North) had SAKJx HKx DKQx CAKxx. Bidding was three passes to me and I opened 2C, partner responded 3H. Putting him with at least 6 hearts I went to Blackwood 4NT and after his bid of 5H I went 7NT. There was no need to ask for Kings! The opening lead was a small spade which helped. I squeezed the opposition in hearts and spades for the final trick.

At some tables South opened 1H and North went straight to 4NT. Really I'd prefer a sequence of 1H - 1S - 2D - 4NT etc rather than assume partner has 5 hearts.
As 2H by partner would show 5+ hearts and be game forcing, I am not sure what 3H was supposed to mean. Like you, I would have assumed longer hearts than 5. As partner passed first, what could s/he have that now justifies a 3H bid? If you do not play weak 2s, then maybe a good weak 2 type of hand. 3H just wastes space and virtually guarantees you will not find a diamond fit, if you have one. Note that 7D is a much better contract. On a non-trump lead you make if hearts are 3-3 or 4-2. On a trump lead you will need diamonds to be 3-2 if hearts are 4-2, but can handle a 4-1 diamond break if hearts are 3-3.

Do you play key card Blackwood? 5H would show both aces, but deny the QH, so that should warn you off bidding the grand.