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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Going from memory, partner had Sx HATxxx DAJT98 Cxx and I (sitting North) had SAKJx HKx DKQx CAKxx. Bidding was three passes to me and I opened 2C, partner responded 3H. Putting him with at least 6 hearts I went to Blackwood 4NT and after his bid of 5H I went 7NT. There was no need to ask for Kings! The opening lead was a small spade which helped. I squeezed the opposition in hearts and spades for the final trick.

At some tables South opened 1H and North went straight to 4NT. Really I'd prefer a sequence of 1H - 1S - 2D - 4NT etc rather than assume partner has 5 hearts.
Well done on your top bid!

I'm more cautious - I only bid small slams that have a 50% chance of making and grand slams that are 75% or better. (I think the scoring system, particularly in teams bridge, justifies that.)

In the bidding, could your partner not have responded 2H to show a positive with a heart suit? (I assume 2D is the negative.)